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  1. End of life care for infants, children and young people with life-limiting conditions: planning and management (NG61)

    This guideline covers the planning and management of end of life and palliative care for infants, children and young people (aged 0 to 17 years) with life-limiting conditions. It aims to involve children, young people and their families in decisions about their care, and improve the support that is available to them throughout their lives.

  2. Child abuse and neglect (QS179)

    This quality standard covers recognising, assessing and responding to abuse and neglect of children and young people under 18. It covers physical, sexual and emotional abuse. This quality standard describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

  3. Shared decision making (NG197)

    This guideline covers how to make shared decision making part of everyday care in all healthcare settings. It promotes ways for healthcare professionals and people using services to work together to make decisions about treatment and care. It includes recommendations on training, communicating risks, benefits and consequences, using decision aids, and how to embed shared decision making in organisational culture and practices.

  4. Intrapartum care for healthy women and babies (CG190)

    This guideline covers the care of healthy women and their babies, during labour and immediately after the birth. It focuses on women who give birth between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy (‘term’). The guideline helps women to make an informed choice about where to have their baby. It also aims to reduce variation in areas of care such as fetal monitoring during labour and management of the third stage of labour.

  5. Cerebral palsy in under 25s: assessment and management (NG62)

    This guideline covers diagnosing, assessing and managing cerebral palsy in children and young people from birth up to their 25th birthday. It aims to make sure they get the care and treatment they need for the developmental and clinical comorbidities associated with cerebral palsy, so that they can be as active and independent as possible.

  6. Weight management before, during and after pregnancy (PH27)

    This guideline covers how to assess and monitor body weight and how to prevent someone from becoming overweight or obese before, during and after pregnancy. The aim is to help all women who have a baby to achieve and maintain a healthy weight by adopting a balanced diet and being physically active.

  7. Shared decision making

    Everything NICE has said on shared decision making in an interactive flowchart.

  8. Intrapartum care

    Everything NICE has said on the care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth in an interactive flowchart

  9. ICON for midwives (PDF)

    information in the appropriate area. The proposed actions are: : If possible, talk to both parents. Involving the partner/carer is very...