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Glyndwr University
Published date:
September 2009

Occupational therapy interventions and physical activity interventions to promote the wellbeing of older people in residential care

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Aims and objectives

Improving the wellbeing of older adults in a residential setting by the implementation of occupational therapy via role emerging placements of occupational therapy students under the supervision of an occupational therapist. 1. Implementing the purposeful activity interventions recommended in the public health guidance no 16 within a residential setting 2. Providing evidence that enabling purposeful occupation within a residential setting improves well being for the older adult residents.

Reasons for implementing your project

Research study carried out investigating the perception of older adults' purposeful occupation within a residential setting. From study recommendations, role emerging occupational therapy fieldwork placements carried out within residential setting. Results of evaluation provided evidence that intervention improved wellbeing for the older adults in the residential setting.

How did you implement the project

1. Older adults improved wellbeing from experiencing purposeful occupation within a residential setting 2. Older adults value contact with reality and select occupations that connect them with the world outside the residential setting 3. Purposeful occupation within a residential setting must enable freedom to adapt and reflect the older persons identity

Key findings

Progress was evaluated by semistructured interviews of residents post occupational therapy intervention. These results are submitted for a masters study and have been accepted for presentation in various national and international health care conferences

Key learning points

1. Determination to continue despite lack of funding. By providing role emerging placements funding was negligible yet provided excellent results in terms of wellbeing for the residents

Contact details

Helen Carey
Acting Occupational Therapy Professional Lead
Glyndwr University

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