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October 2009

TAKING THE SERVICE TO THE YOUNG PEOPLE. A Study and Analysis of a Clinic specifically set up for the provision of HPV vaccination in Darlington College. IDENTIFYING THE NEED. A weekly Sexual Health Clinic was set up within Darlington College of technology in September 2007. A need for the provision of a Cervical Cancer Vaccination was observed there from January 2009. (The whole article of the success of the HPV vaccine 8 week programme is being published in the International Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care in October 2009, promoting the possibility of increasing the uptake of Immunisations as per recent NICE guidelines, especially in Young People).

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Aims and objectives

It is recognised that Young People of today have often very different beliefs, attitudes and expectations to those most of 'us' had in our teenage years. They require different ways now of accessing Health Services. It is time for revamping our current clinics for the provision of Sexual Health and Contraception. A need for the provision of the Cervical Cancer Vaccination was observed at the weekly clinic at Darlington College from January 2009. The aim was to offer vaccination to at least 40% of the female students in the 14-18yr (incl.) age group. Approximately 700 female students were reported to be attending Darlington College at the end of February 2009.

Reasons for implementing your project

From mid-January, letters had been sent to girls aged 17-18yrs from their G.P. inviting them to attend for the vaccine programme as per the Regional Protocol. The uptake was reported to be poor, less than 40% in the first months in some areas, despite reminder letters being sent after 4 weeks.

How did you implement the project

We made contact with 280 girls in total and therefore hoped to administer 560 vaccines. However once data had been altered to take into account those girls (24) who only required one vaccine from our Clinic (See TABLE 1), a total of 536 vaccinations were possible. Only 26 of these appointments were unattended. This gives a DNA rate of 4.8% which is a very positive enforcement that a service can be successful when taken to the Young People in a location such as the College.

Key findings

Published in an International Journal in October 2009 and other clinics (less successful, with no advice or contact with us) have been set up.

Key learning points

After the second vaccine, four weeks later, the girls were given information as to when and where to obtain the third vaccine. (G.P. Surgery or at the College if a second vaccination promotion is organised, in five months) Computer systems at the G.P. Surgeries will initiate recall notification in due course to the clients for follow up vaccines once our data had been entered. When a Vaccine Clinic appointment was missed, a text reminder or telephone call was done and this resulted in a positive response (74%) to another attendance. To facilitate follow up vaccines at the Doctor's Surgeries, a letter has been sent to all girls who have not attended College for the second vaccine, and to those who have had the vaccination too late in our programme to have the second immunisation whilst the College was still in term-time. 47.5% of girls were registered at a Surgery out of town which they reported to cause difficulties for access during the working week Our study shows that taking a service to Young People can be very successful if it perceived to be a useful provision by them. We have more evidence of this from the data we have collected at our Young Person's General and Sexual Health Clinic at Darlington College.

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Dr Shelagh Naismith
G.P Partner and G.P. for Young People Clinic, Darlington College
Denmark Street Surgery
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