This consultation is now open:


The consultation on  proposed amendments to the processes we use to develop NICE indicators is open. 

The NICE indicator process guide has been updated in accordance with its regular cycle of review. We welcome comments on the proposed updates to the guide.

How to comment

If you'd like to comment on the draft updated indicator process guide, fill in the consultation feedback form and send to

Time period

The consultation runs from Tuesday 16 April to Monday 15 July 2019

Make sure you submit your comments by 5pm, on Monday 15 July 2019. Comments submitted after this time won't be considered.  


Consultation description


The NICE indicator process guide describes the process we use to develop indicators from:

  • quality standards
  • guidance
  • NICE accredited sources.

NICE indicators are used in a range of national measurement frameworks including the CCG Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS) the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCG IAF), NHS England’s General Practice Indicators (GPI) and the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF).

We set up a steering group (made up of members from key partner organisations) to oversee the update to the guide. The guide has been updated in response to recommendations made at an initial exploratory workshop comprising a range of stakeholder organisations. The recommendations include:

Developing formal criteria to assess the validity of indicators

  • Agreeing criteria for use during indicator development and subsequent publication to support transparency.

Exploring different methods to test and pilot indicators

  • Making sure testing or piloting is proportionate to the intended use and accounting for the existence of similar assured indicators.
  • Considering use of real world data.

Maintaining relevance in a rapidly changing external environment

  • Publishing indicators with an explicit minimum population threshold at which the indicator is feasible (rather than mapped to specific NHS organisational structures).

Endorsing externally developed indicators

  • Retaining this as an option in specific circumstances where externally developed indicators align with NHS England priorities.

The criteria for assessing the validity of indicators and the different methods for testing indicators were also explored by a working group with representation from academic institutions.

What will happen to my comments?


Following the consultation, the NICE indicator advisory committee will meet to consider the results of this consultation.

NICE reserves the right to summarise and edit comments received during consultations, or not to publish them at all, where in the reasonable opinion of the Institute, the comments are voluminous, publication would be unlawful or publication would be otherwise inappropriate.

Comments received in the course of consultations carried out by the Institute are published in the interests of openness and transparency. The comments are published as a record of the submissions that the Institute has received, and are not endorsed by the Institute, its officers or advisory committees.