Information for those involved in guidance development.

Contributing to NICE guidelines

This guide explains how individuals and organisations can get involved in developing NICE guidelines.

Developing NICE guidelines: how to get involved

Contributing to a medicines evaluation: help for patients and carers

We've developed the following guides to support national patient and carer organisations and patient experts involved in NICE’s medicines evaluations (technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies). We also offer monthly, hour long Zoom inductions for patient and carer organisations. Whether you already work with us or are new to working with us, you're welcome to join one of these sessions. To find out more or to book a place, contact us on 0161 870 3020 or email

Information for national patient and carer organisations

  An overview of NICE technology appraisals for patient and carer groups (Word)

  Scoping technology appraisals: a factsheet for patient and carer organisations (Word)

  Developing technology evaluation guidance: a factsheet for patient and carer groups (Word)

  Nominating patient experts: a factsheet for patient and carer organisations (Word)

Submitting evidence to a NICE medicines evaluation

You can provide evidence on behalf of your organisation using the submission template. In the guide below we have pulled together advice on gathering and presenting the information, as well as what to avoid. If you would like advice on preparing for a submission, or for us to read a draft of your submission, contact us on 0161 870 3020 or email

 Patient organisation submission guide (Word)

 Patient organisation submission template (Word)

Information for patient experts

This document contains information for patient experts on how to prepare for the meeting and what to expect.

 A guide for preparing to be a patient expert (Word)

If you are a patient expert at a committee meeting, you have the opportunity to submit a personal statement before the meeting. This is so that you can tell the committee about your experience of the condition and treatments using our template for patient experts.

 Patient expert statement template (Word)

This guide explains how to use the Summary of Information for Patients (SIP) which is a written by the company in who are bringing the medicine to NICE for evaluation for use in the NHS. The SIP is a plain English version of their submission to NICE written specifically for patients participating in the NICE evaluation.

 How to use the company Summary of Information for Patients (Word)

If you have any questions or would like further information about participating in technology appraisals, please contact the public involvement advisers for technology appraisals, on 0161 870 3020 or email