Shared learning case studies

The Shared Learning programme is now closed and we're not accepting new submissions. 

Our collection of over 800 examples showing how our guidance and standards can improve local health and social care services remains available for you to use. But please be aware that the examples are not being updated. 

Email if you have any queries.

Find a case study

Ideal if you're responsible for making changes to service delivery.

Our case studies include examples of using our guidance and standards in:

  • quality improvement
  • integration of services
  • efficiency changes.

About our shared learning examples

Our shared learning examples show how NICE guidance and standards have been put into practice by a range of health, local government and social care organisations.

Each example must:

  • hghlight learning that could be useful to others
  • be written in easy to understand English, free from jargon
  • have clear objectives, including an explanation of what was happening before the project, why it was needed and how it was implemented
  • outline any barriers the organisation faced when implementing the project and the methods used to overcome these
  • outline the effect the change had on service performance and outcomes through an evaluation process
  • declare any third party sponsorship.

Examples were written by the submitting organisation and should not be interpreted as our formal endorsement of the approach taken.