Medtech innovation briefings

Please note, from April 2023 NICE will no longer produce or maintain Medtech Innovation Briefings (MIBs) on behalf of NHS England.

MIBs were commissioned by NHS England and produced in support of the NHS 5-Year Forward View (2014), as one of a number of steps to accelerate innovation in new treatments and diagnostics.

The information included in the MIBs was correct at the time of publication. MIBs are no longer being updated and users should ensure they confirm any information with the manufacturer of the product.

Any factual inaccuracies or safety issues should be notified to and the MIB will be withdrawn as appropriate.

This should be read in conjunction with all MIBs.

MIBs are NICE advice, designed to support NHS and social care commissioners and staff when considering using new medical devices and other medical or diagnostic technologies. Our advice products provide a critical assessment of relevant evidence to aid decision-making. They do not contain recommendations or hold the status of formal NICE guidance.

The information provided in a briefing includes:

  • a description of the technology
  • how the technology is used
  • the potential role in the treatment pathway
  • a review of relevant published evidence
  • the likely costs of using the technology.
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What we are doing

The landscape over the last few years has changed, with well-established programmes and organisations supporting the innovation environment for the NHS and Life Sciences.

NICE will focus on expanding our Health Technology Guidance production and, after the successful pilots, introducing new approaches to evaluating the most promising health technologies that meet the needs of the NHS and patients (previously known as early value assessment). This will enable us to provide a ‘conditional recommendation’ for use while evidence is generated, where appropriate. This will ensure we get technology into the hands of clinicians and people faster for the benefit of patient care.

NICE identifies the priorities of the health and care system and gathers information on potential topics by proactively engaging with:

  • national policy teams
  • clinical leaders
  • patient groups
  • system partners
  • national innovation competitions
  • commissioner groups
  • life science's industry

This means we focus on what matters most and produce guidance that is relevant, useful and useable. For your technology to be considered please contact the NHS Innovation Service using the contact details on their website.