Technology appraisal and highly specialised technologies appeals

An appeal can be lodged against the final draft guidance by any of the appraisal consultees within 15 days from the day the final draft guidance is issued.

The appeals process is managed by the corporate office at NICE to provide independence from the teams that develop the guidance.

Grounds of appeal

The grounds of appeal are:

  • Ground 1: In making the assessment that preceded the recommendation, NICE has:
    a) failed to act fairly
    b) exceeded its powers

  • Ground 2: The recommendation is unreasonable in the light of the evidence submitted to NICE.

The Appeal Panel can only consider appeals that fall within one or more of these grounds. Appeals on any other grounds will not be considered.

Either or both parts of ground 1 can be appealed. Appeals on any other grounds will not be considered.

Read our process guide.

Paddy Storrie, former lay chair of the appeal panel, explains the appeals process

Steps toward an appeal hearing

  1. Submit an appeal using one of our templates by 5pm on the appeal deadline.
  2. The submission is reviewed by lead non-executive director for appeals.
  3. If within grounds, the appeal will be presented to an appeal panel.

Appeal letter template (Word).

Who makes up the appeal panel?

Appeal panels are drawn from a group of people approved by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to hear appeals.

View the membership of our appeal panel.