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Guidelines, quality standards and indicators

Our guidelines are evidence-based recommendations for health and care in England. 

Quality standards set out the priority areas for quality improvement in health and social care.

NICE indicators measure outcomes that reflect the quality of care, or processes linked, by evidence, to improved outcomes.

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Getting the patient’s voice heard is crucial to developing guidance that works in the real world.

Sally Dickinson, information and communications manager, NASS

Diagnostic technologies

This guidance evaluates new, innovative diagnostic technologies. It includes all types of measurements and tests that are used to evaluate a patient's condition.

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Medical technologies

This guidance evaluates new, innovative medical technologies, such as medical devices and diagnostics. Our aim is to boost the uptake of devices and technologies in the NHS.

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Interventional procedures

Our interventional procedures guidance looks at procedures used for diagnosis or treatment. It considers if they are safe and work well enough for wider use in the NHS.

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Invitation only

The following areas of work are accepting stakeholders by invitation only. If you are interested in being involved in one of these topics, email with the name of your organisation, your role and your particular interest or knowledge.

Technology appraisals

Technology appraisals are recommendations on the use of new and existing medicines and treatments within the NHS.

Highly specialised technologies

Highly specialised technology (HST) evaluations are recommendations on the use of new and existing highly specialised medicines and treatments within the NHS in England.