Timeline for developing quality standards

These are the key stages for the development of quality standards.

Timings are approximate and may change for some topics.

For a full description of how we develop quality standards, please see our process guide.


  • wk1

    Development starts

  • Topic overview published

    The topic overview describes the core elements to be covered. It also lists the key guidance sources that will be used to underpin the quality statements.

  • Topic engagement: identifying areas for quality improvement

    Stakeholders submit comments on their areas for quality improvement. This is open for 2 weeks.

    Get involved with a topic engagement.

  • wk8

    First committee meeting

    The quality standards advisory committee (QSAC) reviews the submissions from the topic engagement and hears from invited topic experts. The QSAC then prioritises the areas the standard will cover.

    This helps us develop quality statements and measures.

  • Draft quality standard created

    We develop the quality statements, based on the priority areas agreed by the committee. A standard typically has 5 statements and each statement has an associated quality measure. The quality standard is drafted for consultation and approved by NICE and the QSAC chair.

    Find out more about quality statements and measures
  • wk22

    Consultation open

    Stakeholders submit comments on whether the quality statements:

    • measure quality improvement
    • are important
    • will work in practice.

    They have 4 weeks to submit their comments.

    Find out more about consultations

  • wk26

    Second committee meeting

    The committee meets to consider the consultation comments and agree any necessary changes.

  • Validation and checking

    The standard undergoes internal quality checking, looking at both process and content. It is then edited and prepared for publication.

    The quality standard is reviewed by the NICE Guidance Executive. If approved, it is scheduled for publication.

  • wk40

    Quality standard publishes

    The quality standard is published on the NICE website. Registered stakeholders are notified by email.

    Quality standards are reviewed each year and updated as required.