The resources in this section have been developed to enable general practice professionals to improve outcomes for their patients by ensuring that their practice is up to date with current recommendations from NICE on clinical practice, public health, social care and support for GP led commissioning.

These pages have been built with the help of GPs practice nurses and practice managers, and will continue to develop. To comment or suggest improvements, and to sign up for our monthly email summary for primary care, please email

Using NICE guidance in your GP practice

What should happen in a practice when NICE publishes new guidance? How to test whether your practice is up to date, and ways to provide and use feedback

Setting up for good practice

To make sure that your practice is always up to date, and to ensure that your systems, procedures and templates always reflect best practice, we recommend that you set up a simple system for when NICE issues new guidance.

Barriers to implementing guidance – and how to overcome them

Putting NICE guidance into practice can be challenging. Find advice about how to overcome the most common barriers.

Is my practice up to date?

Read the latest summaries, which are an easy way of ensuring your practice is up to date with the latest NICE guidance

Measuring and auditing progress

Measuring and auditing progress can help you to asses that changes have been implemented and progress can be communicated to commissioners.

NICE commissioning resources

NICE's role in the new commissioning system, and the practical support we can provide.

Find out more about support for commissioning

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My NICE resources

Using NICE guidance in my professional education, and how this can help with appraisal and revalidation.

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