Review decision date: April 2015

Review decision: 

We checked this guideline and decided that it should not be updated at this time. For details, see the update decision and the process for deciding if an update is needed 

Next review date: March 2017

The advice in the NICE guideline covers:

The care of adults and young people (aged 10 years and older) who have any of the following physical health problems that are completely or partly caused by alcohol use:

  • acute alcohol withdrawal (which occurs if a ‘dependent’ drinker suddenly stops drinking)
  • lack of thiamine (also called vitamin B1) in the body, which can cause a condition called Wernicke’s encephalopathy
  • liver disease
  • inflammation of the pancreas (called pancreatitis).

It does not specifically look at the care of:

  • women who are pregnant
  • children younger than 10 years
  • people with physical or mental health conditions caused by alcohol use other than those listed above.

This guideline was previously called alcohol-use disorders: Diagnosis and clinical management of alcohol-related physical complications.

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