Behaviour change: individual approaches

NICE guidelines [PH49] Published date:

Next review date: January 2017

This guidance makes recommendations on individual-level interventions aimed at changing health-damaging behaviours among people aged 16 or over. It includes a range of approaches, from single interventions delivered as the opportunity arises to planned, high-intensity interventions that may take place over a number of sessions.

The behaviours covered relate to: alcohol, diet, physical activity, sex and smoking. However, the recommendations may also apply to behaviour change related to other health issues.

The recommendations are inter-linked and should be implemented together. They cover: policy and strategy, commissioning, planning, delivery, training and evaluation of individual-level behaviour change interventions. They also cover behaviour change techniques, the maintenance of change and organisational and national support.

The guidance is for: commissioners, managers, training and education organisations, service providers and practitioners with public health as part of their remit. It is particularly aimed at those who commission, design, investigate and deliver interventions to help people change their behaviour – and those who provide the training needed to carry out these activities.

The guidance may also be of interest to policy makers and researchers, as well as people who want to change their behaviour (for example, to stop smoking).

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