Bisphosphonates for preventing osteoporotic fragility fractures (including a partial update of NICE technology appraisal guidance 160 and 161)
Status Proposed
Process MTA
Topic area
  • Musculoskeletal

Provisional Schedule

Closing date for invited submissions / evidence submission: 11 December 2014
1st appraisal committee meeting: 11 June 2015

Project Team

Communications manager: Tonya Gillis
Executive Lead: Carole Longson
Project manager:

Jeremy Powell

Technical Advisor: Melinda Goodall
Technical Lead: Richard Diaz


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
23 May 2017 Committee meeting: 2
30 June 2015 Following the first Appraisal Committee meeting the Committee has not made any preliminary recommendations. The Committee felt that it did not have all the information and evidence necessary to make clinically meaningful recommendations, and we are considering what further analyses may be needed. We will therefore not issue an ACD for consultation in the next few weeks. We will provide an update once subsquent timelines are confirmed.

For further information on how we develop guidance, please see our page about NICE technology appraisal guidance