How to apply

  1. Decide which licence you want to apply for
    • you must agree to the licence terms and conditions as part of the application process
    • licences are for illustrative purposes only as this stage – we'll issue you with a licence if your application is successful. 

  2. Complete application form (Excel document)
    • fill in all sections
    • enter a use case for each product or service you would like to develop.

  3. Email with the following:
    • your completed application form
    • the licence type you require
    • any supporting information that will help your application, e.g. screen-shots.

Applications are considered on a monthly basis. 

Download application form (xls format)


Full and Pilot

The full and pilot licence are identical in format but last for different periods of time.

Full – 3 years (option to renew after term is finished)

Pilot – 1 year (allows you to test the market for a newly developed product)

  Download the licence    PDF 339 KB

Test licence

A short-term licence for initial evaluation purposes. Allows you to test the feasibility of developing a product.

Initially lasts for 1 month but can be extended by 2 months upon request.

No fees are applicable for the test licence.

  Download the test licence  PDF 229KB


There is no fee to use the NICE syndication service to deliver content in the UK or for a test licence.

A fee is applicable for international commercial use (where the NICE syndication service will be used to deliver content outside of the UK). The fee varies depending on the size of the organisation.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please email

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