Preparation phase

  • wk0

    Procedure notified to us

    We look at the information available about the procedure and assess whether we need to gather more.  When we have enough information we prepare the brief. 

  • wk8

    Brief agreed

    The Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee (IPAC) agrees the brief.

    This can sometimes take longer than 8 weeks, for example if we have to get further information.

    IPAC is an independent advisory committee which meets monthly. The relevant meeting papers are sent to members 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

    Meetings are open to members of the public.

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Guidance development

  • wk0

    Development starts

  • wk10

    Overview produced

    The committee uses the overview as the basis for its draft recommendations on a procedure.

    It contains:

    • information on the indications for the procedure
    • a description of the procedure
    • a summary of key points from a rapid review of the literature
    • a summary of commentary by the specialist advisers.
  • wk13

    Draft recommendations produced

    The committee considers the evidence and commentary on the procedure, and produces draft recommendations.

  • wk20

    Consultation on the draft recommendations opens

    The document and overview are posted on our website.

    Health professionals and members of the public can comment on it.

    The consultation is open for 20 working days.

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  • wk24

    Consultation closes

  • wk26

    Final guidance written

    The committee considers the comments received on the consultation document, then makes its final recommendations.

    Late comments from patient commentators may also be considered.

  • wk30


    Once our Guidance Executive has approved the final guidance, it is open to resolution. This is a final quality assurance step before the guidance is published.

    Anyone who commented on the consultation can request we make corrections if they believe:

    • there has been a breach of process
    • there are factual errors in the guidance.

    Commentators have 3 weeks to submit their comments.

    You can find out more about resolution in chapter 15 of the programme manual.

  • wk33

    Guidance issued

    If there are no resolution requests, the final guidance is published.

    If we receive resolution requests, we suspend publishing the guidance while we investigate them.