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Managing glioma: supportive care clinics for low-grade glioma:- Does a dedicated supportive care clinic in addition to standard care improve outcomes for people with low-grade gliomas?

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Why this is important:- People with low-grade gliomas have significant symptoms and complex healthcare needs across multiple physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains. This is often from the initial diagnosis onwards. There are indications from research literature and patient reports that these needs are currently unmet. Helping people with low-grade gliomas maintain their quality of life and function is important, especially as there is currently no cure, because earlier supportive care interventions and care plans may help reduce unplanned or emergency contact with secondary and tertiary providers.
As no research literature exists which establishes the effectiveness of a specific healthcare intervention, uncertainty exists about the most appropriate intervention to address unmet needs and improve patient-reported outcome measures (or to establish whether current healthcare provision can meet these needs). Current uncertainty is likely to have led to variations in service provision across the UK. It is also possible that no specific intervention is available in some areas.
Research is needed to identify whether, in addition to standard care, a specific supportive care intervention can significantly improve patient-reported outcome measures, and if so to establish what this intervention should consist of.
To find out why the committee made the research recommendation on supportive care clinics for low-grade glioma, see rationale and impact.

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Brain tumours (primary) and brain metastases in adults
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July 2018

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Last Reviewed 31/07/2018