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Inhibitors of functional ability:- What are the greatest inhibitors of functional ability in children and young people with upper motor neurone lesions?
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Why this is important:- Children and young people with upper motor neurone lesions may experience:
- reduced muscle strength
- selective muscle control
- spasticity.
The relationships between these factors, and the extent to which the child or young person can develop or maintain functional ability, remain unclear. Prospective cohort studies, or large cross-sectional studies, are needed to explore the relationships between positive and negative effects of upper motor neurone lesions and to determine which factor is the greatest inhibitor of functional ability. The studies should incorporate classification of functional ability based on validated scales, such as the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS).

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Spasticity in under 19s: management
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July 2012

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Last Reviewed 30/08/2012