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Imaging investigations for newly diagnosed myeloma:- What is the comparative effectiveness of whole-body MRI, fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography CT (FDG PET-CT) and whole-body low-dose CT in detecting lesions that may determine the start of treatment for people with newly diagnosed myeloma?

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Why this is important:- Newer imaging techniques are replacing skeletal surveys for assessing myeloma-related bone disease in people with newly diagnosed myeloma. However, the most effective technique is not known. Outcomes of interest are lesion detection, sensitivity and specificity for myeloma-related bone disease, patient acceptability, incremental upstaging, radiation exposure, risk of second primary cancer, the impact of additional information on predicting progression-free survival,
overall survival and skeletal-related events.

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Myeloma: diagnosis and management
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February 2016

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Last Reviewed 29/02/2016