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Clinical epidemiology of Lyme disease in the UK:- What are the incidence, presenting features, management and outcome of Lyme disease in the UK?

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Why this is important:- There is a lack of robust epidemiological data on Lyme disease in the UK population. A large clinicoepidemiological study to collect data on incidence, presenting clinical features, management and outcome of Lyme disease in community and hospital settings in the UK would generate population-based
statistics. These statistics would enable interventions such as antibiotic treatment and service improvements to be assessed properly and for services to be tailored so they best serve people with Lyme disease; this was felt to be of high priority. There is no current requirement to notify cases of Lyme disease; therefore, current data are likely to underestimate the number of cases.

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Lyme disease
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April 2018

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Last Reviewed 30/04/2018