Development of this evidence summary

Development of this evidence summary

The evidence summary: process guide (2017) sets out the process NICE uses to select topics for evidence summaries and details how the summaries are developed, quality assured and approved for publication.

Expert advisers

Dr Richard Oliver, Head of Technical and Clinical, STD Pharmaceutical Products Ltd.

Dr William Perkins, Consultant Dermatologist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Dr Jane Ravenscroft, Consultant in Dermatology, Nottingham Children's Hospital.

Declarations of interest

Richard Oliver: Interests declared: Custodian and advisor for the Hyperhidrosis UK Information Site. Distributes iontophoresis machines and antiperspirants for the treatment of hyperhidrosis for STD Pharma. Educates healthcare professionals in the aetiology, diagnosis and management of hyperhidrosis.

William Perkins: No interests declared.

Jane Ravenscroft: No interests declared.

About this evidence summary

Evidence summaries provide a summary of the best available published evidence for selected new medicines, unlicensed medicines or off-label use of licensed medicines.

The summaries assess the strengths and weaknesses of the best available evidence to inform health professionals and commissioners' decision-making.

This summary is not NICE guidance.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-2384-7