Evidence review: economic issues

Evidence review: economic issues

Cost effectiveness

No cost-effectiveness studies of erythromycin for use in gastroparesis were identified.


The NHS Electronic Drug Tariff (May 2013) lists the price for erythromycin oral capsules or tablets as follows:

  • erythromycin 250 mg gastro-resistant capsules, 28-tablet pack: £12.70

  • erythromycin 250 mg gastro-resistant tablets, 28-tablet pack: £1.91

  • erythromycin ethyl succinate 500 mg tablets, 28-tablet pack: £10.78

  • erythromycin stearate 250 mg tablets,100-tablet pack: £18.20

  • erythromycin stearate 500 mg tablets, 100-tablet pack: £36.40.

Current drug usage

A total of 2,344,220 items of erythromycin oral preparations were dispensed in England in 2012 at a total cost of £11,525,854. It is not known for which indications these items were prescribed.