Evidence review: economic issues

Evidence review: economic issues


No studies on cost effectiveness were identified. The NHS price for 2% diltiazem cream is £73.83 per 30 g tube and the NHS price for 2% diltiazem ointment is £163.07 per 30 g tube (costs exclude VAT and are taken from the Drug Tariff, February 2013).

Current drug usage

In the most recent quarter for which data are available (July to September 2012), there were 5076 prescriptions for 2% diltiazem hydrochloride cream in primary care in England at a net ingredient cost of £592,505 (a mean of £116.73 per prescription). Among all the special order products prescribed in primary care in England that quarter, 2% diltiazem hydrochloride cream ranked 6th by number of prescription items and 8th by net ingredient cost[26].

[26] NHS Business Services Authority. (2012) Volume and cost of special order products