Specialist commentators

Specialist commentators

The following clinicians contributed to this briefing:

  • Dr Mark McAlindon, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Received research funding from ANKON Technologies and financial support for a training course from Diagmed Healthcare, the UK distributors for PillCam. Received travel and accommodation funding to attend conferences from Given Imaging. Shareholder in Capsule Reader, a company that provides services for capsule endoscopy video reading.

  • Dr Anastasios Koulaouzidis, Associate Specialist and Clinical Lead of capsule endoscopy service, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Received research funding from SynMedUK (distributor of IntroMedic), Given Imaging and equipment support from Aquilant/OMOM.

  • Ms Joanne Coyle, IBD/Nutrition Support and Capsule Endoscopy Clinical Nurse Specialist, George Eliot Hospital Nuneaton. No conflicts of interest declared.

  • Dr Praful Patel, Consultant Gastroenterologist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Involved in completed studies with the MiroCam Navi device, but no funding received.