Product summary and likely place in therapy

  • The Oncentra Prostate is a real‑time ultrasound‑guided brachytherapy system designed to treat prostate cancer.

  • The Oncentra Prostate would be used to manage intermediate‑ and high‑risk localised prostate cancer where radiotherapy is indicated.

Effectiveness and safety

  • Three small feasibility studies (n=9, 15 and 20) confirmed the system's ability to provide the prescribed radiation dose to the prostate while keeping the dose to the surrounding organs at risk low.

  • One cohort study (n=95) found the prevalence and severity of patient‑reported side effects to be in the acceptable range, but no statistically significant associations between patient or dosimetric parameters and patient‑reported outcomes.

Technical factors

  • The Oncentra Prostate provides 3D ultrasound visualisation of the prostate and enables insertion of brachytherapy applicators, treatment planning and treatment delivery in a single session.

  • The Oncentra Prostate is only for use by clinicians trained and experienced in brachytherapy techniques.

Cost and resource use

  • Upgrading to the Oncentra Prostate 4 x from its predecessor system, the Oncentra Prostate 3 x, costs £34,250 per unit (excluding VAT). The cost for a new Oncentra Prostate 4 x (that is, not an upgrade) is estimated as £127,657 (excluding VAT).

  • No evidence on cost and resource use was available.