The AutoPulse is a mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation device. It is designed to be used after manual chest compression has been started to reduce rescuer fatigue (and its effect on resuscitation). Two randomised controlled trials and several non‑randomised studies show that outcomes are at least non‑inferior compared with manual compression. The complete AutoPulse system costs £9400 if bought or £475 per month if rented.

Product summary and likely place in therapy

  • The AutoPulse is a mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) device in which a battery‑powered load‑distributing chest band provides automated compression.

  • The AutoPulse is designed to provide consistent CPR over long periods of time and is intended to reduce the impact of rescuer fatigue and to allow the rescuer to attend to other patient needs.

  • The device is designed to be used after manual chest compression has been started and can be used both in and out of hospital by trained personnel.

Effectiveness and safety

  • Two randomised controlled trials have compared AutoPulse CPR with manual CPR (n=767 and n=4231 respectively). The Hallstrom et al. (2006) trial found no statistically significant differences in survival for up to 4 hours after the emergency call. The Wik et al. (2014) trial concluded that compared to high quality manual CPR, AutoPulse CPR resulted in a statistically equivalent survival to hospital discharge.

  • Two case‑controlled studies (n=286 and n=162), 2 historical control studies (n=1011 and n=783), 5‑non‑controlled observational studies, 2‑case report studies and 1‑conference proceeding abstract were also identified.

  • Comparative and non‑comparative studies suggest using the AutoPulse CPR is at least as good as manual CPR.

Technical factors

  • The device can be used to maintain CPR when a patient needs to be moved.

  • The AutoPulse is powered by a rechargeable battery.

  • Its use is restricted to adults aged 18 years or over with a chest circumference of 76–130 cm, and a chest width of 25–38 cm.

Cost and resource use

  • The AutoPulse would be added to an existing intervention.

  • The total purchase cost for the AutoPulse device is around £9,400. The rental cost is £475 per month.