The Juxta CURES system provides adjustable compression management of venous leg ulcers and is designed to be easier to use for both clinicians and patients than standard compression bandages. Small noncomparative studies suggest that using Juxta CURES is associated with a reduction in wound size, improved healing or improved quality of life. Juxta CURES costs £151.50 and each system is designed to last for 6 months.

Product summary and likely place in therapy

  • The Juxta CURES is an adjustable wrap-around compression system for use in patients with venous leg ulcers in whom compression therapy is otherwise indicated.

  • It would be used as an alternative to standard compression bandages, with the same patient selection considerations and with minimal changes to the current care pathway.

Effectiveness and safety

  • Nine studies, comprising small published case reports, abstracts and poster presentations, were identified. Of these, 1 (Oates 2013) did not specify the number of included patients, and the other 8 involved 51 patients in total.

  • All 9 studies reported reduction in wound size, improved healing or improved quality of life in patients using the Juxta CURES. None of the studies were comparative; it is therefore unclear if other compression systems would have achieved similar results.

  • No safety concerns were raised in any study.

Technical factors

  • Initial fitting of the Juxta CURES should be done by a trained clinician with experience in compression therapy.

  • The device is designed to be easier to apply than standard compression bandages and to be adjustable by a clinician, patient or carer. The level of pressure applied is measurable and adjustable due to the trademarked 'built-in pressure system'.

Cost and resource use

  • A single Juxta CURES pack costs £151.50 excluding VAT.

  • The Juxta CURES is guaranteed for 6 months of daily use and can be prescribed using an FP10 prescription.

  • Harris (2013) (n=14) reported a cost saving after 12 weeks of Juxta CURES to replace compression bandaging. After 6 months of use there was a cost saving of £2141 per patient.

  • Bianchi et al. (2013) (n=17) reported that using the Juxta CURES instead of compression bandages would realise a cost saving of £4806 per patient over 6 months. This saving was attributed to a reduction in the use of dressings, bandages and clinician time.

  • Elson (2012) (n=17) reported savings of £282.82 per patient over 6 months, based on reduced use of dressings, compression bandages and associated nursing costs.

  • As with standard compression bandages, regular clinician-led appointments are required to monitor initial progress.