About this briefing

About this briefing

Medtech innovation briefings summarise the published evidence and information available for individual medical technologies. The briefings provide information to aid local decision‑making by clinicians, managers and procurement professionals.

Medtech innovation briefings aim to present information and critically review the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant evidence, but contain no recommendations and are not formal NICE guidance.

Development of this briefing

This briefing was developed for NICE by Cedar. The Interim process & methods statement sets out the process NICE uses to select topics, and how the briefings are developed, quality‑assured and approved for publication.

Project team


Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme, NICE

Peer reviewers and contributors

  • Dr Alistair Ray, Research Associate, Cedar, Cardiff University

  • Dr James Evans, Research Associate, Cedar, Cardiff University

Specialist commentators

The following specialist commentators provided comments on a draft of this briefing:

  • Dr Dennis Wat (Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) – Consultant Respiratory Physician

  • Dr Tim Cooksley (South Manchester NHS Trust) – Consultant in Acute Medicine

  • Elaine Grainger (South Manchester NHS Trust) – Emergency and Critical Care, Lead Nurse

  • Gemma Ellis (Cardiff & Vale UHB Trust) – Consultant Nurse, Critical Care Outreach

  • Catherine Plowright (Medway NHS Foundation Trust) – Consultant Nurse, Critical Care

Declarations of interest

No relevant interests declared.


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