• Evidence is based on 2 randomised controlled trials and 2 cohort studies on the AccuVein AV300; no studies were found specifically for the AV400 device.

  • The studies compared the AccuVein AV300 with the standard method of palpation and visualisation for vein location and with 2 other infrared devices.

  • The clinical studies reported an increase in vein visualisation but no statistically significant increase was found in first attempt cannulation rates.

Adverse events and safety

  • No adverse event or safety concerns were reported in the clinical studies.

Cost and resource use

  • The AccuVein AV400 has an NHS acquisition cost of £3300 excluding VAT.

  • No evidence on cost or resource use was available.

Technical factors

  • The AccuVein AV400 uses an infrared laser imaging technique to help visualise and locate suitable veins for venepuncture and cannulation.

  • The currently available version, the AccuVein AV400, differs from the predecessor device (the AccuVein AV300, on which all of the clinical evidence is based) in having technical enhancements that are intended to make the device easier to use.