Specialist commentators

Specialist commentators

Comments on this technology were invited from clinical experts working in the field. The comments received are individual opinions and do not represent NICE's view.

The following clinicians contributed to this briefing:

  • Ann Marie Carroll, Pathology POCT Manager, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.

  • Professor Jonathan Cooke, Visiting Professor in the Infectious Diseases and Immunity Section, University of Manchester and Imperial College London (has received consultancy, educational and research grants from Alere).

  • Liz Cross, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Attenborough Surgery (Alere paid for her project at a workshop in Parliament in May 2016).

  • Dr Tha Han, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Enfield Council (previously worked for an organisation that purchased the Alere Afinion for NHS Healthcheck).

  • Michael Moore, Professor of Primary Care Research, University of Southampton (co-author on several publications using CRP for management of lower respiratory tract infection in primary care and was on the NICE guidelines development group for the pneumonia guideline).