6 Acknowledgements

The members of the Expert Reference Group (ERG) declared any relevant interests. The conflicts of interest policy (2007) was followed until September 2014, when an updated policy was published.

NICE Expert Reference Group

Susan Jebb (Chair)
Professor of Diet and Population Health, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

Annie Anderson
Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Centre for Public Health Nutrition Research, University of Dundee

Helen Crawley
Honorary Research Fellow, City University, London and Director of First Steps Nutrition Trust

Julia Fox‑Rushby
Professor and Director of Health Economics, Brunel University, London

Adrian Martineau
Clinical Reader in Respiratory Infection and Immunity, Queen Mary University, London

Alison McFadden
Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Dundee

Eleanor McGee
Public Health Nutrition Lead, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Colin Michie
Consultant Paediatrician, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Judy More
Freelance Paediatric Dietitian

Paul Jacklin
Senior Health Economist, National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Atul Singhal
Professor of Paediatric Nutrition and Head of the Childhood Nutrition Research Centre, Institute of Child Health, University College London

Gillian Swan
Diet and Obesity, Health and Wellbeing Directorate, Public Health England

York Health Economics Consortium review and economic modelling team

Alexandra Filby
Research Consultant

Matthew Taylor

Hannah Wood
Information Specialist (until November 2014)

Michelle Jenks
Research Consultant

Scott Mahony
Research Consultant (from November 2014)

Victoria Burley

Marco Barbieri

Gabriella Giunta

NICE project team

Mike Kelly
Director, Centre for Public Health (until December 2014)

Gillian Leng
Director, Centre for Public Health (from January 2015) and Deputy Chief Executive

Jane Huntley
Associate Director (until May 2015)

Simon Ellis
Associate Director (from May 2015)

Karen Peploe
Lead Analyst

Adrienne Cullum

Caroline Mulvihill

Alastair Fischer
Technical Adviser, Health Economics

Paul Levay
Information Specialist

Victoria Axe
Project Manager (up to June 2014 and from April 2015)

Rupert Franklin
Project Manager (from June 2014 to April 2015)

Rebecca Walker
Project Coordinator

Sue Jelley
Senior Editor

Susan Burlace

NICE would like to thank all those who provided data for consideration for the economic modelling and cost effectiveness review on which this report is based. Particular thanks go to:

  • Tricia Morris, Policy lead: Healthy Start Vitamins, Healthy Food Schemes, Public and International Health Directorate, Department of Health

  • Gwenda Scott, Healthy Weight Strategy Manager, Public Health, London Borough of Lewisham

  • Those responsible for leading the Healthy Start programme locally.

  • The 'Born in Bradford' study team.


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