Research to access pathway for investigational drugs for COVID-19 (RAPID C-19)

RAPID C-19 was set up early in the pandemic. Its aim was to get treatments for COVID-19 to patients quickly and safely as part of temporary emergency pandemic arrangements.

RAPID C-19’s role in reviewing potential COVID-19 treatments has now ended because we have moved back to routine commissioning arrangements for these treatments.

You can read more about NICE’s guidance and advice on COVID-19.

About RAPID C-19

RAPID C-19 monitored emerging trial evidence on the clinical effectiveness of potential COVID-19 treatments during the pandemic. This meant that evidence could be assessed rapidly and COVID‑19 treatments made available to patients if the evidence of benefit was strong.

RAPID C-19 was a collaboration between NICE and these organisations:

  • NHS England
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • National Institute for Health and Care Research
  • Scottish Medicines Consortium (Healthcare Improvement Scotland)
  • All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre
  • All Wales Medicines Strategy Group
  • Department of Health in Northern Ireland
  • Antivirals and Therapeutics Task Force at the Department of Health and Social Care.