Share your views and experiences of NICE

This survey closed on:

Sunday 7 April 2024 at 5pm

This survey was an important research project that will help us to better understand the views and experiences of our audiences, informing the future development of NICE.

The survey was run with independent research company called Yonder. 

Thank you for your feedback.

Our aims

We wanted to better understand views and experiences of NICE from our audiences.

We sought feedback from people in:

  • the health and social care sectors
  • the life sciences industry
  • policy making
  • commissioners and those working in the commissioning sector
  • and from any others with an interest in our work.

Participation in the survey made a difference to how we understand our audiences. It will help us to assess how we are doing, identify opportunities to improve and ensure we are focusing on what matters most.

Results of the survey will be presented to our Board and by sharing your views you helped play an important part in shaping the work we do.

What to do

If you have any questions about the research, please contact:

More information

The survey was managed by an independent research company called Yonder. All responses will remain anonymous in any reporting.

Any information provided as part of this study was used for research purposes only. No data will be transferred outside the UK.

We are working with partners and colleagues across NICE to promote the research and collect a range of responses. 

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