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Dr Gita Bhutani


Associate director for psychological professions, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

About Gita

Gita is a consultant clinical psychologist. She has specialised in working with older people and working age adults. She currently works in the Lancashire Traumatic Stress Service, specialising in complex post-traumatic stress.

Her current clinical and research interests include post-traumatic stress and health and well-being approaches, particularly for staff. Gita has developed and delivers a staff well-being training package called Looking After Me Looking After You (LAMLAY). This focuses on cognitive behavioural therapy and positive imagery. It's shown significant improvements in wellbeing in over 100 staff members.

Gita is chair of the Psychological Professions Network North West which supports and promotes psychological approaches and professions. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow at Liverpool University. Gita is a member of the Faculty of Leadership & Management, BPS Division of Clinical Psychology and has contributed to the staff well-being survey and charter.

Prof Umesh Chauhan

Professor in primary care medicine, University of Central Lancashire

About Umesh

Umesh is a GP and Clinical Lead for Cardiovascular and Quality for East Lancashire CCG. He is also Professor in Primary Care at the University of Central Lancashire. Umesh has extensive personal experience of General Practice, and has practised as a GP since 1994 with a sustained commitment to high quality patient centred care in a deprived area of East Lancashire for over 20 years.

Umesh has in parallel developed a career as a researcher and leader that has enabled him to contribute both to the knowledge base of tackling health inequality in primary care and improving quality at a local, regional, national and international level.

Umesh has previous experience of developing National Guidelines for NICE as member of the Guideline Development Group for mental health problems in people with learning disability and Cerebral Palsy in Adults and acted as an Expert Adviser for the Quality Standards Advisory Committee.

Mr Tim Cooper

Director of the Quality Review Service

About Tim

Tim is Director of the Quality Review Service (QRS), part of the NHS available nationally, supporting organisations in improving quality. The QRS is UKAS accredited and is the only NHS organisation accredited as a health inspection body.

Previously he was Head of Hospital Inspection for the Care Quality Commission.

Tim was Director with the National Cancer Action Team and national lead for Radiotherapy.

Tim is a Fellow of the College of Radiographers and an honorary member of the Royal College of Radiologists.

Tim graduated from the University of York with a Masters degree in Leading Innovation and Change. Tim is a member of the Q Community.

Dr Jane Dale MB ChB, FRCP

Consultant in diabetes and endocrinology, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

About Jane

Jane is a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham Medical School. Her special interests include diabetes in pregnancy, diabetes technology and patient safety. She has worked with the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health (CEMACH), the Perinatal Institute and the National Diabetes in Pregnancy Quality Improvement Project to improve standards of care for pregnant women with diabetes.

Jane is a member of the Royal College of Physicians MRCP Part 2 and Specialty Certificate Examination Boards. Her previous roles include Chief Clinical Information Officer for Dudley Group. She is a strong advocate of developing robust processes to support clinicians to deliver consistently high standards of care, and embracing the potential of new technology.

Dr Allison Duggal

Deputy director of public health

Kent County Council

Biography to follow shortly

Ms Teresa Middleton

Deputy director of quality/chief pharmacist, NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

About Teresa

Teresa has worked within the NHS since 2000, when she changed career direction. Prior to 2000, Teresa worked as a Community Pharmacist for a large multiple.

In 2000, Teresa joined the local NHS working as a prescribing adviser for a Primary Care Group in Gloucestershire. Since that time, there have been many changes within the NHS, and Teresa has worked for a number of NHS organisations, always with a focus on Quality, Primary Care and Medicines Optimisation.

Teresa has an interest in infection prevention and control and increasingly governance. Teresa has been a member of Quality Standards Advisory Committee 1, for three years, and enjoys the mixed agenda that is discussed within each meeting.

Ms Anica Alvarez Nishio


About Anica

Anica Alvarez Nishio is an ethicist, editor and public advocacy specialist with a emphasis in values-led organisational development. She has served on a number of boards and funding organisations with a focus on health, education, marginalised groups and community engagement.

She brings a keen eye and collaborative approach to her governance and strategy work. Through her work with Health Education England, National Institute for Health Research and numerous health-policy panels, she has first-hand experience in the practical delivery of health and mental-health care strategies. Primarily making these equitably accessible for those in farming, military and mixed communities.

She also has an interest in the effective usage of data and technology and in ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence and the delivery of care.

Mrs Linda Parton

Lay member

About Linda

After twenty years in the UK education system as a teacher and Headteacher, Linda worked for fourteen years overseas in international development.

Before retirement she worked as a Country Director for various organisations in S.E. Asia and Africa.

Since retirement and returning to the UK, Linda has become involved in a number of health organisations as a lay member.

Linda has been a member of two NICE Guidance Committees and two committees linked to Keele University.

She is a volunteer with Action on Hearing Loss and provides voluntary monitoring and evaluation support to a small charity working with Cerebral Palsy children in Africa.

Dr Michael Rudolf


Honorary consultant physician, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

About Michael

Michael's clinical and research interests are mainly the management of people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

He's chaired NICE guideline development committees for atrial fibrillation, rheumatoid arthritis, and COPD. His previous roles include:

  • medical director, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust
  • president of the Royal Society of Medicine, Measurement in Medicine section
  • president of the International Asthma Council
  • chair of the British Thoracic Society COPD Consortium
  • medical director, Royal College of Physicians, Patient Involvement Unit.

Ms Jane Scattergood

Queen's Nurse, Public Health England

About Jane

Jane qualified as a registered nurse in 1990, a midwife in 1992 and a specialist community public health nurse (health visitor) in 2002. Jane is a community practice teacher for post-registration students and an independent non-medical prescriber.

Graduating from the NHS Management Training Scheme in 1996 and currently serving as registrant panel member with the Nursing and Midwifery Council for fitness to practise hearings, Jane has a special interest in maximising the contribution of nursing, nurses as leaders, public health nursing and professional regulation and discipline.

Jane is an Honorary Member of the Faculty of Public Health.

Ms Hazel Trender

Senior vascular nurse specialist, Sheffield Vascular Institute

About Hazel

Hazel trained and has worked as a nurse in Sheffield since 1980. She has experience in both surgical and medical nursing and also qualified as a midwife. Her first sisters post was on a vascular surgical ward in 1986. She's remained working in this specialty, as a vascular research nurse and a vascular specialist nurse.

Hazel's expertise lies in wound care, particularly leg ulceration. She runs a leg ulcer service for the management of complex leg ulcers. She also has a vast experience in caring for patients with vascular disease.

She was involved in the development of NICE guidance in peripheral arterial disease and the management of varicose veins. Hazel mainly works in clinical settings and can contribute from a nursing perspective.

Mrs Moyra Amess

Director of benchmarking, assurance and accreditation, CASPE Health Knowledge Systems (CHKS)

About Moyra

Moyra has worked with CHKS since 1999. As director of benchmarking, assurance and accreditation she leads a team of client managers and consultants. They deliver accreditation and benchmarking services to a client base in the UK and across Europe. She's responsible for developing products and services that bring together accreditation programme standards and data indicators.

Moyra has knowledge of how to assess healthcare across sectors to improve the quality and safety of health services and patient outcomes. She's gained this by working with standards to define good practice and interpret patient level information. She has extensive experience in developing outcome indicators and standards to evaluate healthcare.

She is a registered general nurse with experience in surgery. She has a first class degree in Social Studies (healthcare), and a master's degree in Health Services Management at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Professor Gillian Baird OBE

Professor of paediatric neurodisability, Kings College London, and consultant paediatrician, St Thomas’ Hospital

About Gillian

Gillian’s main clinical and research interests are in neurodisability. She works in a regional neurosciences department in a multidisciplinary team.

She's chaired the NICE guideline committees on autism, the developmental follow up of pre-term babies and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She is a current member of the ICD11 classification system for mental and behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders. Previously she was a member of DSM5 classification system.

Mrs Julie Clatworthy

Governing body nurse, Gloucester Clinical Commissioning Group

About Julie

Julie is a clinical member (nurse) on the Governing Body of Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. The group works in partnership to transform the quality of people’s care, manage resources, deliver NHS standards and improve people's health as part of the Gloucestershire Integrated Care System (ICS).

She is an independent member of the Governing Body bringing a broader perspective on health and care issues to underpin the work of the CCG especially the contribution of nursing to commissioning primary and secondary care services, patient care, clinical procurements, an understanding of the NHS Constitution and governance and quality frameworks including patient safety, effectiveness and patient experience.

Julie is chair of the CCG’s Governance and Quality Committee and genomic medicine lead.

Mr Phillip Dick

Psychiatric liaison team manager, West London Mental Health Trust

Biography to follow shortly

Dr Sunil Gupta

General practitioner

About Sunil

Sunil is a General Practitioner and member of the Governing Body of Castle Point and Rochford CCG. He has a number of clinical, educational and commissioning roles. These include GP Trainer, Examiner for RCGP, Training Programme Director and a member of the Council of RCGP.

He is also Vice Chair of East of England Clinical Senate and a member of the Advisory Committee for Resource Allocation. He sits on the National Patient Safety Response Advisory Panel.

Sunil’s previous roles include Accountable Officer of a CCG, member of the Expert Advisory Group on the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch and Clinical Advisor for Dementia and Mental Health for NHS England Midlands and East Region. He has written a book on clinical commissioning.

Mr John Jolly

Chief executive officer, Parentkind

About John

John Jolly was appointed as Chief Executive of Parentkind in June 2019. Parentkind is a charity bringing home and schools together for benefit of children’s education and wider needs. Prior to this he spent nearly 13 years as the Chief Executive of Blenheim CDP, a large London based charity working with both adults and young people dependent on alcohol and/or drugs.

John has 30 years' experience of working in operational and strategic leadership roles with the NHS, public sector, charity, and partnership development roles in health and social care. He has extensive experience of criminal justice and mental health services. John chaired the Skills for Health committee which reviewed and revised the national occupational standards for working with children in relation to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS). He has been involved in both the development and advocating for services for those with hepatitis C since 2014.

Dr Steve Hajioff

Director of public health, London Borough of Hillingdon

About Steve

Steve is an experienced clinician with a track record of innovation and of thought leadership, particularly in the fields of health information and clinical data science. He is currently director of public health in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

As medical director of Health Dialog, Steve was closely involved in services covering ten million people in the UK and many millions in France, Spain, Australia and the United States. Health Dialog was the largest predictive risk modelling and shared decision making provider in the world.

Steve has worked with many organisations as a consultant including WHO, UNICEF, OECD, the European Observatory on Health Care Systems, the European Insurance Forum, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, the World Bank, many NHS organisations, Public Health England, Reuters, BMJ, Bupa, AT Kearney, Towers Watson, Methods Analytics, Infinity Health, Elsevier and several overseas governments. He also led the research team for a UK cross-governmental review of the health of the working-aged population. Steve was chairman of the Representative Body of the British Medical Association for several years. Steve is currently chair of the post-traumatic stress disorder guideline development group.

Peter Hoskin

Consultant in clinical oncology and professor of clinical oncology

About Peter

Peter is a clinical oncologist. His main interests are in management of cancers of the urogenital tract and lymphomas. He has extensive clinical trial experience. Peter was previously a member of our prostate and lymphoma clinical guideline committees and chair of our colorectal clinical guidelines committee.

Rachael Ingram

Clinical quality assurance manager

About Rachael

Rachael has over 20 years clinical experience working within the NHS as a registered nurse and as an Advanced Practitioner.

She has a degree in Bachelor of Nursing and a Masters in Advance Practice. Rachael has numerous clinical and educational roles, including deputy course lead for the minor illness course at Liverpool John Moores, named nurse for safeguarding and CQC lead within her organisation.

She has a wealth of experience in clinical governance and quality improvement. Rachael is passionate about driving quality improvements and standards to ensure the delivery of high quality, patient centred care.

She has a particular interest in antimicrobial stewardship.

Dr Tessa Lewis

General practioner, medical adviser in therapeutics

About Tessa

Tessa has been involved in the safe and effective use of medicines since 2002. Between 2008 and 2013 she was medical adviser to All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre and chair of the All Wales Prescribing Advisory Group. In these roles, she led the development and implementation of therapeutic guidance in Wales.

Tessa works on several NICE committees. She's a member of the Indicators Advisory Committee, chair of Clinical Guidelines Update Committee A and chair of the safe use and management of controlled drugs guideline committee.

Her recent areas of interest include anticoagulation and antimicrobial stewardship.

Ms Corinne Moocarme

Joint commissioning lead, Community Support and Care, London Borough of Lewisham and NHS Lewisham CCG

About Corinne

Corinne has worked in the NHS for 25 years. For 8 years she's been working at a senior strategic level across health and social care, delivering transformational change programmes.

She's involved in many aspects of community based care. She has a special interest in home care, support for carers, end of life care and stroke and neuro-rehabilitation.

Corinne's committed to the integration agenda for health and social care and the benefits that this can offer to residents and communities.

Anica Alvarez Nishio


About Anica

Anica is an editor with experience in commercial and literary publishing. She has served on a number of boards, funding organisations and committees with a focus on health, education, marginalised groups and community engagement.

Through her work with Health Education England, NIHR and numerous health-policy panels, Anica has first-hand experience in the practical delivery of health and mental-health care strategies, primarily making these equitably accessible for those in farming, military and mixed communities. She also has an interest in the effective usage of data and technology and in the ethical issues surrounding the delivery of care.

Ms Jane Putsey

Lay member

About Jane

Jane has spent many years campaigning at grassroots for improved services. She's been active in advocating improvements in information around infant feeding as a response to her own experiences, and those in her local community. Recent experience of caring for elderly parents has led to an interest in end of life care and the role of carers.

Jane has been a non-executive director of a strategic health authority, a trustee of a UK charity and represented the lay perspective on many committees. She lives in the west coast of Scotland.

Mrs Lindsay Rees

Clinical manager

About Lindsay

Lindsay has been a registered general nurse for 17 years, working in both the public and private sector in a variety of settings. She completed a degree in philosophy before training to be a nurse at Southampton University. In the early part of her career, she worked in cardiothoracic surgery and coronary care.

She is currently one of two regional clinical managers responsible for clinical governance across 21 nursing homes, 4 of which are dedicated dementia communities. Lindsay is also a member of the regional quality assurance team, supporting nursing homes to comply with the Care Quality Commission's regulations and fundamental standards.

Lindsay is dedicated to supporting staff to provide outstanding care for older people living in nursing homes.

She has recently started to focus on working to reduce falls in nursing homes.

Dr Nick Screaton

Consultant radiologist at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

About Nick

Nick is a consultant radiologist with a particular interest in cardiothoracic imaging. His specific interests include imaging in pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease and lung cancer screening. These are all topics on which he lectures at national and international meetings.

Nick has contributed widely to guideline development with the Royal College of Radiologists, British Thoracic Society and our guidelines updates standing committee. He is currently vice president for the British Institute of Radiologists, councillor for the European Society of Thoracic Imaging and elected council member for the Royal College of Radiologists.

Dr Mark Temple

Consultant physician and nephrologist, University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust

About Mark

Mark pioneered changes to acute medical services in Heart of England Trust as clinical director and associate medical director. As acute care fellow, Royal College of Physicians, Mark commissioned and edited the acute care toolkits (2011-14) and chaired the hospital pathways work stream of the Future Hospital Commission. Appointed Future Hospital Officer he led the RCP program implementing the commission’s recommendations.

Mark is a champion for general internal medicine and past president of the West Midlands physicians association. He chaired the medical patient safety executive group (NHSE) and is a member of the national patient safety response advisory panel. Mark is an associate editor of future healthcare journal and edited journal issues on digital healthcare (2017).

Mr Jim Thomas

Programme head – Workforce Innovation, Skills for Care

About Jim

Jim leads national programmes of workforce innovation at Skills for Care, the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care workforce development in England. This includes creating a framework for workforce redesign and principles for workforce integration, a programme on skills led approaches to community development, workforce capacity planning and workforce commissioning.

Current work includes implementing a commissioning for wellbeing qualification, exploring digital working in social care, looking at strategic learning and development issues in the context of supporting autistic people and people with a learning disability and the role of the social care workforce in prevention and wellbeing.

Mr Michael Varrow

Director, Sapient Services Limited

Read more

Michael's primary interest is adult social care. He spent 15 years working in various policy, performance and intelligence roles within local authorities. This included work with the (then) Department of Health to develop novel measures of the quality personalised care outcomes of older and disabled people. He was vice-chair of the social services research group at this time.

He subsequently operated at a national level at the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services. Leading on financial analysis.

Michael is currently an independent consultant, working with the Health Foundation's economics team. He's authored papers on topics such as the sustainability of adult social care and options for future funding reform.


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