If you'd like to register your organisation as a stakeholder, it should fit into one of the 9 categories below.

You should read this information carefully, before you register your organisation as a stakeholder.

National organisations for people using services, carers and the public

This includes:

  • national charities
  • national patient, user or carer groups.

We do accept:

  • Local or regional organisations when there is no national organisation that represents the group's specific interests.
  • Overseas organisations where there is no national UK organisation that represents their interests. Their interests must be relevant for the UK population.

We do not accept:

  • Local or regional organisations that only have a remit for a specific geographic area of the UK.
  • Sub-departments of a wider national organisation. If your organisation has representatives that wish to register as stakeholders, they should register through the wider organisation name.

How can local or regional organisations take part?

Local or regional organisations should register through a national organisation that represents their interests.

National organisations representing practitioners

This includes national organisations that represent:

  • health and social care practitioners
  • professionals whose practice may be affected by the guideline
  • professionals who can influence the uptake of guideline recommendations.

For example:

  • Royal Colleges
  • medical associations
  • public health and social care professional associations.

Public sector providers and commissioners

This includes public sector providers and commissioners of care or services.

For example:

  • NHS trusts
  • integrated care boards (ICBs)
  • primary care networks (PCNs)
  • local authorities.

Local Healthwatch organisations

Find out more about Healthwatch.

Organisations that fund or carry out research

This includes organisations that fund or undertake peer reviewed research. For example:

  • funding councils
  • universities based within the UK.

We can accept international organisations if they fund or carry out research within the UK or on UK populations.

Private, not-for-profit, voluntary providers of care or services

This includes:

  • private providers
  • not-for-profit providers
  • the voluntary sector
  • providers of care
  • other independent providers.

For example:

  • private hospitals
  • hospices
  • care homes.

Manufacturers and commercial industries

This includes companies that manufacture:

  • medicines
  • devices
  • equipment or adaptations.

It also includes commercial industries relevant to public health. It does not include the tobacco industry.

Government departments and national statutory agencies

For example:

  • Department of Health and Social Care
  • Public Health England.

Overseas agencies with a remit covering the UK

For example:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO).

Your work should be directly relevant for the UK population.