Register your organisation to help us develop  guidelines  or  quality standards

How to register

  1. Make sure your organsation is eligible. Who can register?
  2. Check your organisation is not already registered. How do I check?
  3. Set-up a NICE account
  4. Choose the topic your organsation is interested in.

Register your organisation 

A maximum of 2 people may be listed as contacts for each organisation for each topic. 

What happens next?

We will respond within 28 days. Make sure you have permission from your organisation to register and register your interest as early as possible. 

  • If a consultation has already started, you can still register 
  • If a consultation is due to close, register and submit your comments – we will let you know if your application has been successful
  • You will need to register separately for each topic you are interested in.

Who can register?

  • National organisations for people who use health and social care services, their families and carers, and the public
  • Healthwatch organisations
  • National organisations that represent health and social care practitioners and other relevant professionals whose practice may be affected by the guideline
  • Companies that manufacture medicines, devices, equipment or adaptations, and commercial industries relevant to public health, excluding the tobacco industry
  • Tobacco industry organisations who register to participate are automatically registered as respondents.
  • Public sector providers and commissioners of care or services
  • Private, voluntary sector and other independent providers of care or services
  • Government departments and national statutory agencies
  • Organisations that fund or carry out research
  • Overseas agencies with a remit covering England
  • Local or regional groups representing people who work in, or use health and social care services can register as stakeholders only when there is no national organisation that represents the group's specific interests.

Is my organisation already registered?  

Check the list of registered stakeholders for that guidance.  If your organisation isn’t listed but you think it should be registered – please check with your organisation.  

Who is registered from my organisation?

Please email and we can provide you with this information.

I want to comment but I don't meet the criteria. What can I do?

Express your views to a registered stakeholder. You'll find them listed on the guideline page that you're interested in.

And if you want to be involved in shaping NICE guidance and products, you can also:

Other ways to help us develop guidance