Terms used in this guideline

Expectant management

A formal approach that encourages conception through unprotected vaginal intercourse. It involves supportively offering an individual or couple information and advice about the regularity and timing of intercourse and any lifestyle changes which might improve their chances of conceiving. It does not involve active clinical or therapeutic interventions.

Full cycle

This term is used to define a full in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment, which should include 1 episode of ovarian stimulation and the transfer of any resultant fresh and frozen embryo(s).

Mild male factor infertility

This term is used extensively in practice and in the literature. However, no formally recognised definition is currently available. For the purpose of this guideline, it is defined as when 2 or more semen analyses have 1 or more variables below the 5th centile (as defined by the World Health Organization, 2010). The effect on the chance of pregnancy occurring naturally through vaginal intercourse within 2 years would then be similar to people with unexplained infertility or mild endometriosis.

Natural cycle IVF

An IVF procedure in which 1 or more oocytes are collected from the ovaries during a spontaneous menstrual cycle without the use of drugs.