4 Further evidence

Evidence generation


Further evidence will be generated while the 6 recommended technologies are used in the NHS to address the immediate unmet need, with appropriate safety processes in place. The main outcomes prioritised by the committee for evidence generation are outlined in section 1.2.


The clinical experts stressed the importance of monitoring and managing the safety of patients during evidence generation. The companies advised that they have risk management systems in place, but that risk should be managed according to local care protocols. The committee concluded that using digitally enabled therapies in NHS Talking Therapies for anxiety and depression services could increase access to treatment and support, while ensuring patient safety through continued monitoring and review.

Research only recommendations


The committee concluded that there was not enough evidence to recommend Cerina, Iona Mind, Minddistrict, SilverCloud (except Space from Anxiety), Resony and Wysa for early use in the NHS. These technologies should only be used in formal research that has been approved by an ethics committee.


Research should include well-designed and adequately powered studies with appropriate comparators in NHS Talking Therapies for anxiety and depression services. The main outcomes prioritised by the committee are outlined in section 1.2. Studies should address the evidence gaps outlined in this guidance and show the benefit of using these technologies for adults with anxiety disorders.