Recommendations for research

The guideline committee has made the following recommendations for research. As part of the [2019] update, the guideline committee made an additional research recommendation on Kawasaki disease.

Key recommendations for research

1 Symptoms and signs of serious illness

The Guideline Development Group (GDG) recommends a UK-based epidemiological study on the symptoms and signs of serious illness. [2013]

2 Management by remote assessment

The GDG recommends that a UK study is undertaken to determine the validity of symptoms reported on remote assessment for children with fever. [2007]

3 Diagnosis

The GDG recommends that a UK study of the performance characteristics and cost-effectiveness of procalcitonin versus C-reactive protein in identifying serious bacterial infection in children with fever without apparent source be carried out. [2007]

4 Antipyretics

The GDG recommends that studies are conducted in primary care and secondary care to determine whether examination or re-examination after a dose of antipyretic medication is of benefit in differentiating children with serious illness from those with other conditions. [2007]

5 Home-based antipyretic use

The GDG recommends studies on home-based antipyretic use and parental perception of distress caused by fever. [2013]

Other recommendations for research

6 Thermometers and the detection of fever

Measuring temperature in young babies: tympanic versus axilla electronic versus axilla chemical dot versus temporal artery. [2007]

7 Management according to risk of serious illness

The GDG recommends that research is carried out on referral patterns between primary and secondary care for children with fever, so the health economic impact of this and future guidelines can be estimated. [2007]

8 Signs and symptoms of Kawasaki disease

Which signs and symptoms (or combinations of signs and symptoms) predict a diagnosis of Kawasaki disease in children under 5 presenting with fever lasting 5 days or more? [2019]

For a short explanation of why the committee made the recommendation for research, see the rationale on Kawasaki disease.

Full details of the evidence and the committee's discussion are in evidence review A: signs and symptoms predicting Kawasaki disease.