Update information

Update information

November 2021: We added a definition of sepsis to recommendation 1.2.2. We also added a cross reference to table 2 to guide users to the risk stratification tool for children aged under 5 years with suspected sepsis (table 3 in the NICE guideline on sepsis).

November 2019: We have reviewed the evidence and made new recommendations on assessment for Kawasaki disease. These recommendations are marked [2019].

We have also made some changes without an evidence review:

  • In recommendations 1.2.14 and 1.7.3 (and table 2) the duration of fever was changed from 'more than 5 days' to '5 days or longer' for consistency with the wording of the 2019 recommendations and to avoid ambiguity about the duration of fever that should prompt action.

These recommendations are marked [2007, amended 2019] or [2013, amended 2019].

Recommendations marked [2007] or [2007, amended 2013] last had an evidence review in 2007. Recommendations marked [2013] last had an evidence review in 2013.

August 2017: Recommendation 1.2.2 was added to cross-refer to the NICE guideline on sepsis: recognition, diagnosis and early management. Recommendation 1.4.8 was added to highlight that clinicians should not use a response to antipyretic therapy alone as a means to differentiate between serious and non-serious infection. A footnote was added to recommendation 1.2.12 and table 1 to highlight that some vaccinations have been found to induce fever in children younger than 3 months.

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