1 Recommendations

1.1 Palforzia is recommended, within its marketing authorisation, as an option for treating peanut allergy in children aged 4 to 17. It can be continued in people who turn 18 while on treatment. Palforzia should be used with a peanut-avoidant diet.

Why the committee made these recommendations

For people with peanut allergy, strictly avoiding peanuts and being ready to respond to an emergency are the main ways to protect against reactions to accidental exposure.

Clinical trial evidence shows that Palforzia improves tolerance to peanut protein compared with placebo when precise amounts are used in a food challenge test. And it is likely that Palforzia improves people's quality of life once they are having a stable dose. People are likely to need to take Palforzia or regularly include peanuts in their diet to maintain the tolerance they gained. It is uncertain how long people would continue treatment, but few are likely to need to continue Palforzia for the rest of their lives.

The most likely cost-effectiveness estimates are within the range that NICE normally considers an acceptable use of NHS resources. Also, additional benefits of Palforzia may not have been captured in the cost-effectiveness results. So, Palforzia is recommended.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)