Status Awaiting development
Technology type Device
Decision Selected
Reason for decision Anticipate the topic will be of importance to patients, carers, professionals, commissioners and the health of the public to ensure clinical benefit is realised, inequalities in use addressed, and help them make the best use of NHS resources
Further information This topic has been identified by the NICE-NHS England Digital Prioritisation Subgroup as a priority clinical area to address growing unmet need in mental health services for patients suitable for talking therapy. One in four adults experience a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. However only a proportion, approximately 20%, of those eligible access NHS Talking Therapies. A further proportion are referred to Talking Therapies but the services are not suitable for their needs and whilst they have an assessment, they do not access treatment. There is a need to increase appropriate access to mental health care by 20% and expand access to digital services to accommodate greater accessibility and choice for patients. There is an increase in demand for treatments for common mental health conditions however there are insufficient resources (mental health practitioners/clinicians) to meet this demand. Due to pressures on resources it is imperative that people are referred to the most appropriate service and that the process can be streamlined to ensure people access the right treatment pathway, first time. Earlier access to the appropriate service and clinicians could improve health outcomes through timely intervention.
Process DAP


Key events during the development of the guidance:

Date Update
07 February 2024 Awaiting development. Status change linked to Topic Selection Decision being set to Selected

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