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Pregnant women who have a violent or threatening partner or family member

Pregnant women who have a violent or threatening partner or family member

If your partner or a member of your family is violent, threatens or frightens you, you should tell your midwife or doctor about it.

The midwife or doctor will write anything you say to them in a special confidential record and not in your hand-held maternity notes. They will not involve your partner or family in your care if you do not want them to be involved.

You may be offered longer appointments, and extra ones, to give you more time to talk about the problems you are having. Your midwife or doctor will also ask you for a phone number that is safe for you to be contacted on.

Your midwife or doctor will tell you about organisations that can help you. These may be support groups, women's refuges, social services or the police. Your midwife or doctor may ask if you would like to talk to a domestic abuse support worker, who can give you practical help and emotional support. If you are worried about what may happen if other people become involved, your midwife or doctor will discuss your concerns with you.

You will be given practical information about how to keep yourself and your baby safe. You should also be given a small card with phone numbers you can call for advice or help in an emergency.

Questions to ask your midwife or doctor

  • What will happen to the information I give you?

  • What should I do if I cannot come to a check-up or appointment?

  • What help can I get?

  • When will you use the phone number I have given you?

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