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When your child might need to see a specialist

When your child might need to see a specialist

There are some situations where your child might need to see a specialist (an expert in diagnosing and treating allergies). These include if an elimination diet has been tried and it has not worked, if your child has been judged to have had a severe allergic reaction or if they have asthma or severe atopic eczema as well as allergies to one or more foods. You may also be referred to a specialist if the results of your child's allergy tests are negative but your healthcare professional still suspects that your child has a food allergy, or that they are allergic to more than one food.

Questions that you or your child might like to ask your healthcare professional

  • What type of food allergy might my child have?

  • Please give me more details about the tests my child may have.

  • Will allergy tests be painful or distressing for my child?

  • How soon can my child be tested and how long will it take to get the results?

  • If we are trying an elimination diet, how can I make sure my child has a healthy diet?

  • Do I have to avoid the food(s) completely – even traces?

  • What if the allergy tests are negative but my child still has symptoms?

  • If we are being referred to a specialist can you explain why?

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