Update information

Update information

December 2017: We reviewed the evidence on factors associated with an increased risk of autism and updated box 1 in recommendation 1.3.3. This is marked as [2017].

We also made a change without an evidence review to reflect the most recent version of DSM (DSM-5). This is marked as [2011, amended 2017].

Recommendations are marked as [2011] when the evidence was last reviewed in 2011.

Minor changes after publication

March 2022: We have changed the description of psychologists in recommendations 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, in line with current practice and the British Psychological Society's best practice in psychology recruitment. We have updated mentions of ICD-10 to ICD11, which the NHS adopted in March 2022.

June 2021: We changed 'children and young people with autism' to 'autistic children and young people', and 'symptoms' to 'features' to align with current terminology.