Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will not update the guideline at this time.

Reason for the decision

We checked five Cochrane systematic reviews which related to the following section in the guideline:

Enabling patients to actively participate in their care

Four of the five Cochrane reviews had published updated conclusions since the guideline was developed. The reviews included evidence on personalised risk communication, decision aids for patient–practitioner communication, midwife-led continuity models of care and interventions to communicate contraceptive effectiveness.

We considered the results of the updated Cochrane reviews alongside the evidence identified for the 2014 Evidence Update on NICE guideline CG138. This included evidence on:

None of the identified evidence was thought to have an effect on current recommendations.

The Guideline Committee Chair felt the guideline is still reasonable but stated that this view is not based on a systematic review of new evidence since the guideline was developed. The Chair noted that there is new research in this area. A targeted call for evidence was therefore carried out during stakeholder consultation on the no update proposal. No additional evidence was submitted through this process.

None of the policy documents or legislation used to inform the guideline have been updated since the guideline was developed.

Other clinical areas

We did not find any new evidence related to knowing the patient as an individual.


No equalities issues were identified during the surveillance process.

Overall decision

After considering all the new evidence and views of topic experts, we decided that no update is necessary for this guideline.

See how we made the decision for further information.

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