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Care that your child should receive

Care that your child should receive

If you think that your child's care does not match what is described in this information, please talk to a member of your child's healthcare team in the first instance.

Once your child has been diagnosed with spasticity they should be referred straight away for specialist help. A team of healthcare professionals will provide and coordinate the care that your child needs. This team will work in partnership with you and your child to develop and carry out a management programme that includes specific treatment goals and takes into account the possible impact of any treatment on your child and the rest of your family. To help you to be partners in this, you and your child should be offered information that is appropriate for your child's age and development. You should be offered regular opportunities for discussion with your child's healthcare professionals, and also be given contact details of patient organisations that can provide more information, help and support.

You should be given advice about what it might be possible for your child to achieve and which would be the best treatments to help them get to that stage. Once you and your child and the healthcare team have agreed the goals for your child's treatment and how your child will be assessed, this information should be recorded and shared with the other healthcare professionals involved in caring for your child. Goals for treatment might include:

  • improving your child's motor function (for example, grasping an object or walking) and posture

  • enhancing your child's ability to take part in everyday activities

  • easing pain and discomfort, including muscle spasms

  • preventing or delaying the possible complications of spasticity, such as contractures (abnormal shortening of the muscle).

The healthcare team should make sure your child is given any equipment they need as part of their treatment. If your child has additional difficulties – for example, difficulties with speech, learning or understanding others – the healthcare team should ensure that they have access to all the relevant services.

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