Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will not update the guideline at this time.

Reason for the decision

We found 54 new studies relevant to the guideline through the surveillance process. We found one study which may impact recommendations relating to strength and balance training for falls prevention in older people living in the community. We subsequently discussed this with topic experts who noted that there would be a number of relevant studies in this area published in the community setting since the last review date in 2011. Additionally they made us aware of a highly relevant Cochrane review (Gillespie et al. 2012) which is being updated at the moment. Experts highlighted that being able to be more specific in terms of type and duration of intervention would add value to the guideline. However, in light of the update of this directly relevant Cochrane review, it is felt more appropriate to await the outcome of the review and reassess the guideline when this completes. NICE will liaise with the Cochrane Review Group to ensure the update includes the population that is directly applicable to NICE guideline CG161.

Topic experts also raised concerns that service delivery was not adequately covered as part of the 2013 guideline update that focused on falls in the hospital settings. However, a guideline on multimorbidity is in development (publication date September 2016) and it has been confirmed that this guideline will consider falls as a trigger to holistic assessment for frail older people. On that basis, it was felt appropriate to await the completion of this guideline and consider its impact on NICE guideline CG161 at that time.

In light of the above, the decision to update was deferred until both the Cochrane review and the multimorbidity guideline are published.

None of the remaining evidence considered in surveillance of this guideline was thought to have an effect on current recommendations.

See how we made the decision for further information.

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