Update information

Update information

October 2017: We have updated the information on the off-label use of entecavir in the sections on children, young people and adults with compensated liver disease and decompensated liver disease who are taking entecavir or lamivudine.

January 2014: A correction has been made to the units used for ALT in men and women. The abnormal ALT levels should read greater than or equal to 30 IU/L for males and greater than or equal to 19 IU/L for females, not IU/ml. This has been changed in recommendations 1.3.6, 1.3.7, 1.3.10, 1.5.3 to 1.5.5, 1.5.31, 1.6.1, 1.6.3 to 1.6.6, and research recommendation 2.

June 2013: Recommendations 1.5.13 to 1.5.15 in this guideline update and replace recommendations 1.2 to 1.4 in adefovir dipivoxil and peginterferon alfa-2a for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B (NICE technology appraisal guidance 96). NICE technology appraisal guidance 153, 154, 173 and recommendation 1.1 of NICE technology appraisal guidance 96 have been incorporated into this guideline.

ISBN: 978-1-4731-4724-9

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