Surveillance decision

Surveillance decision

We will not update the guideline on neuropathic pain in adults.

The following research recommendations will be withdrawn:

  • RR–05: What is the impact of drug-related adverse effects on health economics and quality of life in neuropathic pain?

  • RR–06: Is there a potential for dependence associated with pharmacological agents for neuropathic pain?

Reason for the decision

Assessing the evidence

We found 84 studies through surveillance of this guideline.

This included evidence on pharmacological treatment for all neuropathic pain, peripheral neuropathic pain, central neuropathic pain and trigeminal neuralgia that supports current recommendations.

We found evidence on combination pharmacological therapy, which was considered to be insufficient in volume and conclusive results to add new recommendations at this time.


No equalities issues were identified during the surveillance process.

Overall decision

After considering all the evidence and views of topic experts and stakeholders, we decided to not update this guideline at this time.

See how we made the decision for further information.

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